Reliable Performance

NAS Investment Solutions Consistently Delivers Projected Returns Despite Chaotic Economic Climate

NAS Investment Solutions (NASIS), a national sponsor known for high quality passive real estate investments with reliable yield performance continues to deliver projected returns for all properties in their national portfolio each month, despite the extreme chaos and uncertainty that permeates today’s economic climate.

Low fixed debt rates, judicious property selection and an exhaustive due diligence process during property acquisition are key factors in the company’s ability to deliver reliable performance untethered to Wall Street uncertainty.

“We invest right alongside our clients and stand shoulder to shoulder with them throughout the entire investment hold period,” commented Karen E. Kennedy, President and Founder of NAS Investment Solutions and National Asset Services.  “We are honored by the trust that over 2500 savvy investors have placed in us, and we are always working to exceed expectations. Rest assured our experienced acquisitions team continues to seek solid opportunities and will bring them to market only when a property meets our high acquisition standards, allowing us…and our clients….to invest with confidence. Investors interested being among the first to learn about each new property as it becomes available for investment, can visit and register for new property alerts.”

A complete performance history of delivering reliable returns for each sponsored property can be viewed here.

NAS Investment Solutions has evolved from its foundation as a third-party asset management company in 2008 to acquiring, sponsoring, and managing its national property portfolio today. With an emphasis on quality, NAS Investment Solutions has sponsored investments properties in several asset sectors including multifamily, industrial flex and single-tenant office and retail.

National Asset Services (NAS), one of the Country’s leading commercial real estate companies, known for maximizing property value in all economic situations, is responsible for overseeing all property management as well as asset managing each property for the company’s investment clients.

NAS Investment Solutions is currently offering fractional ownership interests in Willowpark Apartments to accredited investors as a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) structured property investment.  Willowpark is an excellent opportunity for 1031 Exchange investors who are in immediate need of a quality replacement property. It is also suitable for self-directed IRAs and, as of today, provides a window of opportunity for accredited investors to participate.

Willowpark“We have projected a long-term positive outlook for multifamily investment in Oklahoma and surrounding markets,” commented Karen E. Kennedy, President and Founder of NAS Investment Solutions and National Asset Services.  “With its stable labor pool, lower cost of living and doing business, strong ties to federal military facilities, Oklahoma is an attractive place to live and to conduct business.  Our investors will enjoy strong returns on their investments in Willowpark, which provides a unique value-add opportunity as part of a strategic and well-conceived exit strategy.

Accredited investors seeking more information on this sponsor-owned property should visit and contact Karen E. Kennedy at [email protected] or at 310.988.4240.