We Invest Alongside Our Clients And only OfferDST Real Estate Investments

“We invest right alongside our clients in the DST real estate investments we sponsor.  We have a deep understanding of real estate markets and offer an expertise in acquiring high quality, recession-resistant real estate investment properties.  It’s a level of expertise that comes only from extensive management and acquisition experience.  We personally engage in an exhaustive and comprehensive due diligence and underwriting process. Our clients have come to know our integrity, transparency and commitment to excellent service. You have worked hard for the investment capital you are managing and we want to be part of the team that keeps it working and delivering returns for you.”

Karen E. Kennedy
President & Founder

  • Quality Acquisitions with Dependable Closings for 1031 Exchange Investors

    Quality Acquisitions with Dependable Closings for 1031 Exchange Investors

    As NASIS examines each property considered for acquisition, it is guided by the core values of objectivity and transparency, striving to earn the trust and confidence of our real estate investment client family. Clients seeking a 1031 Exchange property can rest easy knowing we have a proven track record of closing properties on time, every time.

  • Fractional Interests Starting at $100K

    Fractional Interests Starting at $100K

    Our Class-A commercial properties offer opportunities for a wide range of investment strategies. With investment positions starting at 100K, our DST real estate properties allow investors to own a piece of commercial property that may not otherwise be attainable.

  • Our Experience Pays Off

    Our Experience Pays Off

    NASIS team members have a wealth of experience and expertise that comes from management experience and managing hundreds of real estate investment properties, during all phases of a property’s lifecycle.

  • Our DST Real Estate Investments Qualify for Self-Directed IRAs

    Our DST Real Estate Investments Qualify for Self-Directed IRAs

    Each property qualifies for self-directed IRA investments in real estate. Our strong-yielding properties can be a good solution for clients seeking to diversify their overall investment portfolios into DST real estate with the same benefits as other IRAs.

Available DST Investment Properties
Fractional Interests Starting at $100K

Quality DST investment properties underwritten by the NASIS team.
1031 Exchange Eligible | Dependable Closings | Self-Directed IRA Qualified

Press Ganey

Press Ganey National Headquarters
6% Cash-On-Cash Year One

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Garver National HQ
Sold Out

Garver National Headquarters Campus

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Walgreens Burbank Illinois
Sold Out

Walgreens Burbank Illinois
Essential Business w/ Corporate Guarantee

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Walgreens Burlington Vermont
Sold Out

Walgreens Burlington Vermont

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NASIS Client Testimonials

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Howard Simon NAS Client Since 2008

Karen and the NASIS team are fully committed to each property that is acquired for client investment in ways few other companies are. Not only do the principals stand shoulder to shoulder with clients as an investor, but as property managers they assume management responsibility for the property during the life of investment. They can do this with confidence because of their expertise at both ends of the real estate spectrum.

Judy Berry NAS Client Since 2008

As a management company, NAS has, without fail, worked tirelessly on behalf of my property investment with integrity and objectivity. Protecting and maximizing my investments, which are my primary source of income, has been more of a passionate commitment and not just business as usual. Thank you for all you do

Judy Bacich NAS Client Since 2010

I was involved in a TIC investment (144-unit apartment complex) that was poorly managed with high vacancy rates, deferred maintenance and very limited cash flow. A foreclosure was a definite possibility. In 2011 NAS took over management and slowly brought the property back to A+ condition, a 98% occupancy and positive cash flow. We ultimately sold the property in Spring 2018 with a SUBSTANTIAL profit. Consequently, as an investor, I feel secure knowing that the properties acquired by NAS Investment Solutions will be managed by the same NAS management Team I have grown to trust.

Stacey Sobel NAS Client Since 2008

My family started investing with Karen Kennedy's trusted advice years ago, and now I continue doing so with her and NAS. In fact, when my father passed the torch to me, he said "When it involves real estate, ONLY use Karen Kennedy." He was a wise man. We have done very well with Karen and her team's insights and honest evaluations on a multitude of properties. They have helped us with property re-investments, and have managed most all of the properties we have invested in. I am delighted NAS is now offering their own investments, as I trust Karen's instinct implicitly.

Donna Stevens NAS Client Since 2008

I've been privileged to not only to know first-hand how NASIS' astute underwriting acumen, during the acquisition process, delivers a fundamentally strong property investment, but also how their management experience and expertise continues to deliver during the entire investment cycle.

Mark Williams NAS Client

As a longtime client of National Asset Services, I am very gratified that Karen and her team are now offering investment opportunities. The have proved to be a top-quality company and have managed properties through numerous market trends. They know the critical property and market fundamentals to look for when acquiring a property and they have the expertise to optimize property performance over the lifetime of the investment.