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Karen E. Kennedy, CRX, CSM

President & Founder

Karen E. Kennedy, President and Founder of NAS Investment Solutions and National Asset Services, brings over 40 years of experience working with real estate investors. She has successfully managed a portfolio of 186 commercial real estate investment properties across 31 states, totaling over $3.34 billion. Alongside her team of skilled management professionals, Ms. Kennedy has facilitated cash distributions exceeding $660 million.

As a seasoned real estate professional, Karen is renowned for her strategic decision-making abilities, consistently maximizing returns for investors regardless of economic conditions. Her expertise spans various areas, including 1031 Exchanges, Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) structured investments, fractional interest ownership, Tenancy-in-Common (TIC) owned properties, property acquisitions, portfolio management, and investor relations.

Ms. Kennedy has written many real estate investment articles and guides and has hosted many educational real estate investment webinars including:

Blowing A 1031 Exchange

Three Most Common Ways Investors Blow Their 1031 Exchange

Investors Can Inadvertently Disqualify Themselves.

Willowpark Apartments is an example of multifamily real estate investments

Multifamily Real Estate Investments: Take a Closer Look

With an unpredictable market, investors are looking for something which provides consistent income.

Waygate Technologies Exterior

DST Investments: What You Need to Know About Delaware Statutory Trusts

Delaware statutory trusts (DSTs) may be a good option for those looking for a stable investment.

1031 Exchanges Common Misconceptions

1031 Exchanges and Five Common Misconceptions

There remain deep-rooted misconceptions about Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Real Estate Investing in a Down Market

Real Estate Investing In A Down Market

What do we really know about investing in a down market?

DST Property Investment Advantages

DST Properties and the Investment Advantages

DST Properties may be optimal solution for investors seeking passive investment income.

A self-directed IRA allows more control

Self-Directed IRA for Real Estate Investing

A self-directed IRA offers the same tax benefits as other IRAs but allow investment in real estate.

High Investment Yields Represented by Worm's Eye View of Gold Colored Building

High Investment Yields May Be Fools Gold

High investment yields appeal to investors focusing only on yields can lead to financial distress.

Couple sitting on mountainside relaxing after making STNL Property Investments

STNL Property Investments and Their Advantages

In this article, we will discuss the many advantages of STNL property investments.

Triple Net Lease Property Example

Triple Net Lease Explained

The three general categories of commercial leases are gross, modified gross, and triple net (or NNN)

2020 City Scape representing Real Estate Investing with the Lessons of 2020

Real Estate Investing With The Lessons of 2020

2020 has drawn a laser focus on one very important fact – we must plan for the unexpected.

A bridge figuratively represents qualified intermediaries

Qualified Intermediaries and Their Role

A Qualified Intermediary is an independent third party who acts on behalf of the exchanger.

Delaware Statutory Trust Article Header

Delaware Statutory Trust Vs Tenants in Common

Delaware Statutory Trust Vs Tenant in Common Property Investments

Example of a Class-A Real Estate Investments Property

Real Estate Investments – Class-A Vs Value-Add

Compared to Class-A property, Value-Add real estate investments are more speculative in nature.

Investment Property Diversification

Four Ways to Diversify A Property Investment Portfolio

Top four ways to diversify a real estate investment portfolio, and some common mistakes to avoid.

The Reverse 1031 Exchange Explained

Reverse 1031 Exchange Explained

Reverse 1031 exchanges can be quite complex. We will explain the process.

Credible Propery Investment Sponsor Header

A Credible Property Investment Sponsor is Important

Selecting a property with a credible property investment sponsor is important.

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